Sunday, March 29, 2009


Finally, i received my goodies from all my friends, (well not all, i still have other things to order yet), Sue Beads, LeAnn's from Summers Studios, and Jennifer Stumpf's etching.
Can't wait to use them...Hmmm...what to do...........!!!

and here is the beaded bead i made from the pattern cristi from 2ifbysea sent me. not too bad. i have an idea for it but i need to make a few more. thanks cristi for sharing!! it's kinda retro looking, im likin it!!


Doreen said...

How exciting! All that gorgeous stuff! I love the beaded bead! I want that pattern! What size seed beads did you use? I have made lots of beaded beads with 11's & 15's...but your bead doesn't look like peyote stitch. So cute!

sharon said...

Thanks Doreen, it's not peyote, it's a warf and weft or something like that! i'll email it
to you tonight, if i can figure out how to do that correctly!

Kristin said...

I love it all! Isn't it fun to have new stuff to play with!?!? Your bead turned out awesome too!

sharon said...

Thanks Kristen! And yes, i could play all day...hmmm... if i only could!!

SummersStudio said...

Sharon, that bead is fab. I'm sure I wouldn't have the patience to do that.


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