Wednesday, March 11, 2009


this is my most recent necklace using gaea's winged heart pendant! i just love her stuff!! by now i guess you can tell that i don't do a lot of sparkly sparkly,
(even though i like to wear it sometimes ), and i like a lot of organic, earthy, and natural looking. also like off center and off kilter design. i get bored easily and constantly go back and forth between doing classic things and new and different things. the photos below will show you what i've been up to lately. keep in touch everyone!


Lorelei said...

hey sharon!
I absolutely ADORE this necklace! Really great design. I love the earthiness of it. And Gaea ROCKS!! Let me know if you ever wanna do a jewelry swap.
Will you be listing this piece for sale?

Doreen said...

Sharon: This necklace is really beautiful! I love the colors and the design! Great!!

2ifbysea said...

This is beautiful Sharon! Love it!

sharon said...

lorelei, doreen, and christi, thanks so much for your compliments!! it really means a lot.
i will definitely swap with all of you, just name me a deal! i don't know what to list on etsy because i am so overwhelmed with everyone's niceness!! but i will do etsy.
can someone do my day job for a while?!

Chrissie Grace said...

This is gorgeous
Totally my style
I loooooove it!

Erin said...

Hi Sharon! Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway! I appreciate your comments. Your jewelry is wonderful! I absolutely love organic, asymmetrical designs!

sharon said...

thanks chrissie and erin!! you are all so nice! connecting with all of you has really inspired me and made me look at my creative process in a different way, and that's always a good thing!! thanks again!

sharon said...

lorelei, i didn't forget about the swap, i'm soooo confused, it's too too hard, your stuff is all so wonderful!! let me think over the weekend, if that's at all possible since i have to work a half day tomorrow and plan on finishing my etsy work this weekend!!
in fact i would like to swap with all of you who have been so so nice!!
happy weekend!!

Gaea said...

Really beautiful design! I just love the color combos! I cling to the earthy as well! Awesome!

Lorelei said...

let me know what you decide to do. you know where to find me. p.s. thanks for blogging about my giveaway!!

Mellisa - Chinook Jewelry said...

Fantastic necklace! I love that pendant of Gaea's!

sharon said...

mellisa, thanks so much for the compliment!!
i have looked at your pendants as well and they are just gorgeous!! i will save up to order some soon! lorelei does a fantastic job with them!

RockRushIndia said...

Beautiful! I love the necklace.


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