Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I have become addicted to looking at charms and thing of making my own, here's another giveaway! Lilibulle!


lilibulle said...

many thanks!! but this jewels are not the give away you know? the picture of the give away is on the blog after the title "give away"!! (1 altered domino, 1 altered button, 1 memory glass etc.. many thanks!!!!

Doreen said...

Sharon: I'm really liking charms lately too! What are you going to make?

sharon said...

Doreen, I'm not sure, I'm thinking something funky with metal and fabric, or I'm dying to try resin! I hope to experiment on the weekend!

Sharon said...

I'm dying to try resin as well. In fact, I have Diamond Glaze but I need to buy some bezels. Here we go with another addiction!

sharon said...

Isn't that the truth, Sharon!!! I just ordered Diamond Glaze but didn't get it yet. I have soooo much STUFF, i'm going to use it all some day right?!!!


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