Thursday, April 30, 2009


This is just a hint of something I'm working on for a new piece, but I felt it appropriate for the day!! I've been fooling with annealing metal and exploring some new options, and feeling quite uninhibited and FREE!! I'm going to make many more varieties for charms also. I too, like Lynn, have been inspired by birds, I guess, in my own way!! What have you been doing that's new?


Kristin said...

I love seeing what you're doing with metals! Very cool.

stregata said...

Hey Sharon, what are you up to? Looks intriguing... Too bad we can't get together to make some jewellery, you are working right down my alley. Can't wait to see the finished piece. BTW, Ruth Rae has a short how-to about etching on her blog, if you want to go take a look!

Judy said...

Can't wait to see what you create! I love working with metals too!


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