Monday, May 11, 2009


It was one of the best Mothers Days EVER!
A BEAUTIFUL orchid from my daughter!

A Beautiful bracelet from my dear friend Renate in an exchange we are doing called Create it forward, Get Excited! Renate did some lovely etching, stamping and wirework to create this, and I can't wait to where it to work tomorrow!
(P.S. Yours is still in progress!)

And a phone call from my brother who is vacationing/studying in Tuscany, Italy for a month! That made me so very happy!

OH , and I saw a BLUEBIRD for the first time in my life! I was pretty excited, small pleasures I guess!
I also spent the day with my mother and the bluebird, my daughter and the orchid,and the bracelet, and my husband and the phone call and the dogs. I have learned that you usually get what you need, which just happened to be what I wanted!


stregata said...

I am so glad you like your bracelet! I had so much fun creating it, trying to imagine what you would like.
Have a wonderful day!

Tabmade said...

Thanks for the compliment (and heart!) And happy mothers day!

sharon said...

Thanks Lori and Renate!

SueBeads said...

Yay for you - sounds like a great day all around! I love orchids, and your bracelet is fantastic! Yay for your brother studying in Tuscany!

Doreen said...

Sharon: It sounds like you had a very wonderful Mother's Day. Yay!
I saw my first bluebirds this year too. There were two in my backyard hanging around. I too was so excited.

SummersStudio said...

I'd really like to bottle up the colour on your new orchid and take it out on special days! So happy you had such a wonderful day!

sharon said...

Thanks LeAnn and Doreen! If only we could do that bottle up thing LeAnn, such colors can't be duplicated, can they?!

SharonP said...

I am happy that you had a lovely Mother's Day full of surprises!

I live in the Southwest, and I saw the first lizard of Spring. Does that count? LOL!

Beth Anderson said...

What a wonderful day you had - you did get all you wanted! How special!
I love your Water Lillies challenge bracelet too. What a great focal bead paired beautifully with the other beads - lovely.

Chocolate and Steel said...

oh what a sweet day! it's amazing how all of the little things add up to one perfect day.

lilylovekin said...

What a wonderful day. A blue bird that would have been present enough!

lilibulle said...

kiss kiss sharon.. be happy!!


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