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This is the reason I haven't been creating jewelry....I have a ton of work , aka, writing, for upcoming submissions that I have to get done, and I keep stopping to try making ATC's . This is my very first attempt....I know they are not so good, but I had to start somewhere. The one with the tree is not done, but I thought i would put myself out there and show you what's going on......and to anyone in the mixed media, altered art, ATC dept of blogland out there who sees this, pleeaase help with any comments or suggestions. I really don't know what the he-- I'm doing!
On other news, I do keep stopping by the bead table, and keep adding to the ongoing clutter , transferring that from my head to the table, as you can see.....and am very frustrated that I can't finish anything because I SHOULD finish other things first!
I have the next few days off, and will be doing some vacationy kind of things, I'm hoping the slower pace helps center me a bit.
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lilibulle said...

my dear!! your ATC don't look so bad!! but if i can say something, wen you start choose a theme, it's easier, for exemple birds (LOL) and make your backgrouds, cut your 4 or 6 atc , and after put your images.. i use to do like that.. for ex: marilyn, or vintage or what you want..But of course you can make one by theme.. the most important it's to make your back ground and after cut your atc..
look at this. for a backgroud technique:
this marvellous person have wrote a fantastic boock..
i use to make challenges, try you too!! it's cool because you have a theme, each time diferent.. so you have to think about ,; it's funny .. you have this one, interesting

hugs my dear!!!

lilibulle said...

Cristi-2 If By Sea said...

Sharon, I think they look GREAT! LOVE the one with the tree!

Don't be so critical of your work! Just keep at it and your "voice" will show in each one of them.

Can't wait to see more...

Kristin said...

Your ATC's are lovely Sharon! And embrace the creative chaos! It's the only way! I can't wait to see the results.

Beth Anderson said...

I think the ATC's look great so far and I was actually immediately drawn to the one with the tree.
Let your creative spirit drive you, even if it takes time, it will.

SharonP said...

My eye was immediately drawn to the tree, love the deep rich emerald color. Practice makes perfect, my Mother always told me!

sharon said...

Thanks everyone for your encouragement, it has made me feel better already!! I am surprised everyone likes the tree, I liked it when I had the idea, but after that I was very unsure, and I still think it needs something......

Lilibulle, thank you so much for the have been a tremendous help and I am on my way to checking those out!!

stregata said...

Sharon, relax! What has you soo upset? You are learning something new, that's good! But don't forget to play! If you really don't like your results with the ATCs, you can gesso over top and start over. I love these so far!
It can be difficult when you try to do so many things at once.
I think you really should relax and stop putting so much pressure on yourself! Many hugs!

lilylovekin said...

Enjoy your vacation days and forget about all the stuff you have to do. Maybe when you come back you will have a new outlook and things will go easier for you. Take it easy.

artgirly said...

Sharon, dont be so hard on yourself- they are great! I have a hard time makign ATC cards also...but I have found that if you put on/ into them what you love to do ( maybe some jewelry elements) it will make the process alittle more natural.
I think you are off to a great start- I love them already!
xo- Nicole

sharon said...

Everyone is so so sweet, thank you, it makes me feel sooo much better!

Judy said...

Love your ATC's! I have been wanting to sit down and do the same. Your bead table looks a heck of a lot neater than mine!!

Silver Parrot said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one whose bead work surface looks like that LOL! Too many projects and not enough time!

I know nothing about ATC (or even what it stands for), but your designs look great to me thus far.

Tammy and Rob said...

Gotta agree with everyone else Sharon, you are doing a wonderful job and I too love the tree, but I really like the vintage photo one too! Sounds like you just need to take a little break, clear the head a little by writing down what you want to do maybe in a little journal or even on a post it, then come back and it'll come to you with less frustration and more patience, funny how we want to hurry up and get things done right now! Sending prayers for a relaxing few days to refresh your mind and soul;)
Ok, off to post about your giveaway!

Cindy said...

Hi Sharon
I love seeing your new ATC project come to really have been busy creating some beautiful things. ATCs are beyone me so I'll just sit back and admire them. And your beading table looks just like do have some realy interesting components laid out...can't wait to see what develops!

The Joy of Nesting said...

Okay Missy,

Here's your mantra for the next oh fifty years or so. :) Now trust me it's really all you need and life becomes so simplistic once you really belive it!! "Everything in it's own way and in it's own time"

Now have a good couple of days off!! Be sure to fix a nice tall glass of ice tea, put on some favorite music,find a great mystery to read, settle back in a comfy chair and take your soul on a little vacation :)

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

sharon said...

OMG, everyone's thought are so uplifting to me, I feel all warm!
I will try to lay back a little....we'll see what happens, again thanks for all your support! said...

oh my relax your atc are the bomb.
I think the idea of doing a theme is good if your doing a lot of them.
You could do a sheet of 400 pound water color paper and create your background and have fun with it,
Then turn it over and measure out your atc sizes,
then embelish individually with your theme.
This would help you on time only your way up there on the creativity side!
your creations are sooooo coool.
gave you a follow deary!!

lilibulle said...

do you feel better Sharito!!! a lot of coments for your atc!! you have to continue!!!

Glycérine said...

Dear Sharon.. just take it easy...
Your ATC are not so bad and I m not sure you managed to do so marvelous jewelry at the first time. Don't forget it must be a pleasure..
To get better, you should perhaps mixed your ATC and your pearls ?.. our you could put some beeswax..
Don't put so much presure on you and play with the ATCs like everything else.. it's not a work, it's a new way of express yourself.

Keep doing ATCs if you feel it and if not.. don't worry



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