Friday, July 30, 2010

Thought I would share some small quilted pillows that I made for a swap. The pillows had to be quilted and will be swapped out to use and join together later to make a fabric journal cover. This was inspired by Teesha Moore's how to video's on her blog, and of course some very inspirational work by Teesha. I loved making these. They are not meant to be perfect, and I am happy how carefree they turned out to be.
This weekend I am spending some extra time with my family from out of town for my daughter's 21st birthday!
Thanks to everyone who visits me, takes a peek, has a big shoulder for me from time to time, and encourages me.
Wishing everyone a great weekend!


stregata said...

These look like a lot of fun and they really do look carefree!
Wishing you a fantastic weekend with family - have a great time!

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

These are so beautiful! Your swap partner is lucky, indeed!

Cindy said...

Your little quilted pillows are really sweet! I know you've heard this before, but is there anything you CAN'T do??! The art journals, jewelry, and quilting.. all done in your own unique style and made with love. Please send just an ounce of that creativity my way!
Have a great time celebrating the big 21st this weekend...gosh, I remember mine like yesterday (it was the day I met my husband!).

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Sharon,
your quilted pillows are beautiful.
You are a woman with many talents!
Wishing you a wonderful time with your family.

steufel said...

Have fun with your family and the pillows are so cute!

Diane said...

These are my kind of pillows!!
P.S. Happy Birthday to your daughter!

romantic decay said...

The pillows are cute! Have a great time with your daughter.

Barbara Lewis said...

Sewing was my first love, so I have a penchant for fabric. These are so lovely ... ever though of turning them into pendants?

Lenna Young Andrews said...

lovely little "pillows" sharon, oh what fun. Just my type of thing! Enjoy your family time, I'm thinking of you! xo lenna

Terri Kahrs said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! Guess what?!? My son's B'day is Sunday!!! Looks like a "cake" weekend for us!!! Love these little pillows - the colors are "sooooo you"!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Lesley said...

These are VERY cute!!!

Enjoy your family time!

Lesley x

Pretty Things said...

Oh wow! those are super neato!

Kat said...

Those are so cute, I imagine them filled with lavender and tucked into things to smell good, or just left out to admire.

Anonymous said...

-super cute!

In the Light of the Moon said...

I'm really loving the warm colors of your pillows..and all that fun detail..Super Sweet!

Have fun with the family!
Big Hugs,Cat

Laura Haviland said...

My darling friend Sharon, who always brings such a big smile to my face. Happy Birthday to Bri,daughters are such a gift.
I love these quilted Teesha Moore pillows, you never stop amazing me super girlfriend. These are so cute and creative. Totally love them, Wow !!! Is there anything you cannot create with great details. Hmmmm. hahaha
Sharon these have a amazing groovy feeling to them. I love love love them.
Have a great day.
Huge squeeze Hugs, Love Laura.xoxo
This summer is to busy ... enjoy..

Dorthe said...

Sharon, thanks alot, for your kind wishes.
I love your little quilts, love how full of details they are , and that they are not straight, and that they are looking so "rough"-just love them.
Also I wish you a happy birthday with your birthday "child".
Hugs Dorthe

Lorraine @ creativedaily said...

These are just lovely Sharon. You could mount some earrings on them for display....

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

oh my SO much goodness, eye candy and inspiration Sharon = wowee!

these are wonderful ... something I have wanted to dabble in ... TMoore's video really gets you going doesn't it ... well at least it worked for you and your swap group...I'm still dreaming of getting started LOL

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

oh my I did get excited

hope the air is still filled with Happy Happy Birthday Fun and Surprises!


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