Monday, November 29, 2010


The cough is still lingering from the darn cold that started over a week ago, so that called for pulling out the big guns, this honey I have that I think is so delicious , I eat it right out of the's okay, no one else uses honey here! Now the funny part of the story, the tea. I love this tea, and I buy it at the dollar store! I really really like it, and it's the one I have been using for almost 2 years, when I decide I want tea instead of coffee!
And the cup....that is a fav also! Bought that in Maine this summer in a a favorite kitcheny type store, and I loved the glaze and the color on the inside so much I had to have it, with matching bowls of ( for ice cream of course!) The best part here for me is that the cup doesn't have a handle, and I looooove wrapping my typically freezing hands around it, and feel the warmth spread through me.
Thanks so much for joining me on Tea Tuesday! Be sure to visit Kimmie, and all the other tea Tuesday bloggers!
Oh, and don't forget to visit Renate's blog today to continue the story of the round robin here!
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Spirited Earth said...

my first thought when i saw that cup was..where did she get that..i love it.
my fav tea is earl grey..i can't help it. i may play with other teas but i keep coming back to EG.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

green tea and honey are just what you need sweet sharon!! beautiful photos, i can feel the warmth . . . and i do love that cup with no handle : ))
thinking of you - cough be gone!!

Alice said...

A hot cup of tea sounds good right now. That cough after a cold is certainly annoying. I like to add about three drops of lemon juice to my tea--it help knock out the cough.

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Beautiful cup, Sharon.I'm not too crazy about tea but I love the tin:)Hope you feel better soon!
Have a lovely day.

~*~Patty S said...

I feel warmer after stopping by for T Sharon...thank you for sharing...who knew the dollar store sold Organic Tea! I Love honey and warm cups too!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This cup is great. I like the idea of not having a handle, too. It sure helps warm the hands on a cold day. I can't believe your dollar store has that organic tea. Who knew. I'll have to check ours (called Dollar Tree).

I hope you feel better soon. Maybe the honey will do the trick. Of course, coffee helps me, no matter what! Have a great Tea Tuesday and get well, please!

romantic decay said...

I hope you feel better!
There is something soothing about drinking from a bowl, I hear some hot cocoa calling me.

vintagesusie & wings said...

I hope your yummy, hot tea & honey makes you all better cuz nobody wants to be sick over the holidays!!
Feel Better Friend,

Yvonne said...

Love the cup. I love using honey too but have recently found agave nectar. Love it. Low glycemic index when honey is not. Anyway, happy tea day. Enjoyed your post.

Halle said...

Totally in love with the cup. Hope you are on the mend real soon!

*jean* said...

looks very tea and honey out of the jar...yum!

Kimmie said...

I hope you can beat this cold before resorting to prescription big guns .... Honey is a miracle element though! Your tea mug is wonderful for the very fact there is no handle ... I love that type as well! I hope you are feeling better very soon!

ooglebloops said...

I am always leery about buying foodstuffs from the dollar store around here-but I may have to look for the tea :>)- the honey looks scrumptious too!!! Glad you could join us to tea!!!

Judy said...

A hot cup of tea is so soothing and especially when your hands are wrapped around the cup, add a little cookie and you are all set!
Feel better soon!

Beatnheart said...

Hello there and thank you so very much for entering my GIVEAWAY! I love to meet new bloggers and especially fellow beadfreaks...Your work is lovely!

Anonymous said...

i loooove tea :D
cute blog



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