Thursday, November 4, 2010


FINALLY had a chance to work in my journal, and put onto paper what goes through my body and mind to the best of my ability. As some of you know, it has been a very long year of trying to find a diagnosis of my health issues. It is still not resolved, as of yesterday it is like we are back at square one......still some type of autoimmune with a combination back and nerve problem. Plasmapheresis is over after 5 weeks, and the course of treatment to follow is unknown, so there are more tests. At times I am aggravated, exhausted, hopeful, doubtful, happy, sad, unsure, and it seems everyday I question myself and my beliefs. AND, at the end of everyday I still believe the same thing I did when I got up, but may have lost during the course of the day somewhere. I believe I have found the best people to help me fight this, and I believe that I am NOT crazy anymore, and I believe that this blog and each of you, along with my friends, and family, are my strength. Just visiting all of you and seeing your work and being inspired is enough. This life stuff is really getting in the way of my time to communicate and visit with all of you, and that annoys me too, so I apologize. I think of all of you a lot through my day, and that is so important to me. Just so you know.
I believe in God, and the power of faith, hope,and what I know is within me.
Thank you all for visiting, and letting me vent.


Cindy said...

Sharon, you are such a strong inspiration for all of us. Throughout the physical hardships you've endured, you show up here on your blog without fail and give US words of thanks and appreciation! Thank you for being such a bright spot in my day. Every time I visit your blog I see such things of beauty. Your latest journal pages are so rich and detailed. Thank you for sharing your time and art work with us, even though it must be difficult.

stregata said...

Thank you for being a beacon to us all. The beauty you share with us - be it jewelry, mixed media or your thoughts - is an inspiration, again and again.

Dorthe said...

Dear Sharon,
how hard a time you are going throug,-not knowing the exat diaghnose, is so tirering and in both body and mind.I so hope the doctors can find a more secure diaghnose,so they can treat it properly,--
Your wonderfull collage speaks for it self, it is gorgeus, dear.
You know I love visiting your beautifull blog Sharon, and I admire your fantastic jewelry, and all you are doing-Don`t appologize for not being alwayes able to visit around you--we all understand.
I wish you a happy and blessed week-end.
Hugs, Dorthe

Esther said...

So sorry to read that...but 'im sure you will find the good treatment. Those pahes are beautiful.. sweet silk to make a link between Mary and You ... believe Sharon.

Diane said...

Sharon--your facing this the best possible way--being positive, accepting it and doing something about it, and letting art be one of your therapies to overcome this--the more positive you remain, the stronger you'll become emotionally. I know--easy for me to say--I admire you!!

Effie said...

Fabulous pages.....Keep creating your beautiful art!

Marilyn Rock said...

Sharon; you are so inspiring not only with your art but with your powerful and candid words. I am always sending positive thoughts, your way, with prayer and hope in my art. xxoo

SummersStudio said...

Big Hugs, Sharon.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

you can vent anytime, Sharon. I think you are doing great for everything you are dealing with. It is perfectly understandable that sometimes you just will not have the energy to communicate, so do not worry about that! Your friends all understand and that luckily includes me!! First & foremost, you have to take care of yourself, expecially now. Your journal spread is so beautiful and I am sure did you so much good to create.
keep the faith! sending love, lenna

bad penny said...

Your journal is so powerful - I had such an intense feeling reading you post - so many bloggers
(not necesarily artists) who struggle one way or another. I hope, infact I know from my own experiences that it helps to share our feelings and receive great comfort from our fellow bloggers.

I was struggling in the summer & my blog friends were very supportive. I sufer from bouts of fibryomyalgia ( when I can hardly get the energy to walk ) so I understand your sadness in being so tired.


mairedodd said...

best of luck with everything sharon... and hopefully we can do for you just a bit of what you do for us... your spirit is generous, your thoughts run deep and your vision is beautiful...
you know what winston churchill said right? 'the only way to get through hell is to keep going.'
take it one step at a time... and keep channeling through your art...

Barbara Lewis said...

Sharon, It's hard when your body betrays you and becomes the enemy. My prayers are with you and your doctors that they will find the answer. In the meantime, I think its so healthy, and beautiful, that you've been able to express your feelings through your artwork.

Terri Kahrs said...

Ohhh, Sharon! I'm so sorry to hear that you're back to square one. I admire your spirit and your willingness to go forward seeking new treatments. You're in my prayers. Hugs & Blessings, Terri xoxo

Laura Haviland said...

Sweetest Sharon,
You are such a shining star in my eyes. I just adore you and my very best wishes for a very bright future ahead.
I love you to piece's and thinking of you always.
I love love your new pages,just awesome my dear friend.
Your spirit is so lovely and you are such a strong lady.
Thanks for sharing,your so awesome..
Love Laura.xoxx

Alice said...

Sharon, I admire your strength in all this. I'm sure some days you don't feel strong at all, and those are the days you just need to leave it all in His hands. Keeping the faith is the best thing you can do for yourself, and it looks like you've got that covered.

I'll be thinking about you and praying for relief from the hardships you suffer daily. And eventhough I may not post often, your blog is always a source of inspiration for me.

~*~Patty S said...

catching up with you dear Sharon after being away and unplugged for 4 days

your pages are so beautiful and soulful ... no surpirse as you always put so much heart into your Art ... your indomitable spirit shines through ... sending more healing wishes to you dear one!

praying for an answer to your health issues


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