Friday, January 21, 2011


Yes, I have been pretty much nestled in my own little house and world these days. I don't really feel like talking a lot, or writing, but I still seem to have a desire to create jewelry. I know it is becoming a great bore and quite redundant as I continue on this medical mystery journey, and this is the main reason for my hibernation. I have to start an ivig treatment next week, I am nervous, I am still waiting for results of more tests, and I am tired , and it is all such a downer. So I may post a lot of pics , but may not write too much. I love to still bop in on everyone's blogs, because they make me happy!
Thanks for visiting and al your wonderful comments.


MoonRae said...

Hang in there hon...sending light your way. The new pieces are beautiful!!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Sharon, rest assured it is okay for you to do whatever you need to do. We love you!!!! xoxoxo

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Sending healing thoughts, your hear necklace is so simple and beautiful.

karen said...

I totally understand how you are feeling Sharon. There's a shoulder here if you need one and I'll always listen if you need to talk. Take care dear friend. Love the new creations!

stregata said...

I am totally loving the new pieces simply strung on a length of silk - they have such a peaceful quality.
I have you in my heart and continue to send as much positive energy as I can.
I finally found the letter press stuff and have selected a bunch for you.

Cindy said...

Sharon, I'm sorry to hear you have so much going on behind the really must be scary to go through all of this testing and unknown, as well as not feeling well. I am sending you hugs and will pray for you.
Your necklaces are are so amazing with the beautiful things you dream up.

Esther said...

oh wowwwww!!! nestled is so "chic"!! beautiful designs for both but the heart is really awesome!!

Robin and the Sage said...

i am wishing best Sharon! again lovely jewelry pieces!!


steufel said...

Hope everything will turn out alright eventually. Sending you a lot of good thoughts! And your new pieces are amazing, love to look at them. So please let the pics come:-)

Marilyn Rock said...

Both of these are gorgeous; am a bit leaning on Nestled as my favorite. You are so talented but I knew that.

I am keeping positive thoughts and prayers for your treatment. We're with you! xxoo

Dorthe said...

Sweetest Sharon,
you will be in my thoughts, and I pray for you for good results on the medicine treatment, -
Meantime, I think it is soo great you can create, and have your mind and thoughts , lighted up ,by your gorgeus creationes, dear.
I love this new necklaces, -the heart is so special.
XO, Dorthe

Diane said...

Think good thoughts (I know, it may be hard), and keep creating--these are beautiful!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Dear Sharon,
there are both just gorgeous!
Sending you good thoughts and big hugs,

Terri Kahrs said...

Ohhhh, Sharon! You must be so tired of "not knowing" and tests. I'm so happy that you have an artistic outlet that makes you happy. These pieces are beautiful. Hang in! Lots of prayers and good vibes are being sent your way. Hugs, Terri xoxox

Liz Revit said...

Hi, Sharon. I'm sending you positive thoughts.

I love these two pieces!

~*~Patty S said...

with all you have going on medically you do amaze me that your creativity never seems to wain...gorgeous pieces...take care of yourself in whatever way works best for you...your artwork speaks volumes and is always a delight

continued prayers and very best wishes for your healing journey dear Sharon!

Pretty Things said...

It's ok to find a quiet place -- and I'm thinking of you!

The jewelry is lovely!

roc said...

lovin those jewelry pieces! hang in there sharon. i'm praying for you!

Lesley said...

Beautiful - I particularly love 'nestled'!

Lorraine @ creativedaily said...

Lovely pieces Sharon. Am sending a big HUG!!!!


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