Friday, January 7, 2011


Earrings named WARM available on etsy here.

I really just can't help myself when it comes to some things....Nan's beads, gemstones, beautiful glass beads made by a local artisan, vintage bone floral beads, torched copper, sterling silver, turquoise, turquoise, and turquoise.

I am offering 10% off this week, so please take a look at the shop.

Thank you to everyone who has sent me warm wishes, and kind comments, and visits also!


karen said...

Beautiful as always. I really love the beads you used for the bracelet.

Judy said...

I really like the two pieces and but your earrings capture me every time!

stregata said...

Absolutely gorgeous, Sharito! Very earthy and archaic - I love them both!

steufel said...

Great colors and style! I love the earthy feeling! And the carved beads are real beauties!

Dorthe said...

Dear Sharon,

Two beautifull pieces of jewelry, I so love how you mixed stones with glas and ceramick and bone-alwayes lovely-and very special.
I`m wearing your earrings today :)
Happy week-end and love, Dorthe

Diane said...

Sharon--you're such a natural!

Barbara Lewis said...

I'm with Judy ... love the bracelet, but the earrings are a favorite. Maybe it's the color combination or the contrast between the matte and natural turquoisse and the polished and faceted gemstone with the antiqued sterling ... whatever it is, they are beautiful!

Laura Haviland said...

The amazing talented Sharon,
Oh I just adore the gemstone's, so unique. You capture such creativity in your art work.
I love the beatiful feelings you express, peaceful.
Happy New Year,Lots of love Laura. xoxxx. Oh I have missed you.

Cindy said...

Sharon, I agree with all of the above. :-) I love the combination of rustic and a bit of sparkle with the gemstones. I saw some carved bone beads similar to what you used today at an antiques show.
Hope you are having a great weekend!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

very beautiful, Sharon. I love how you combine things! I hope you are having a lovely weekend with some time off. xoxo


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