Thursday, December 29, 2011


I finally have gotten around to making jewelry again, and it really feels good. It doesn't hurt that some of the components I use, like the fiber beads in these earrings are so so gorgeous on their own, I really don't have to do much else to them! If you have been reading my blog, you know I have fallen in love with Carolyn Saxby's fiber beads...they are wondrous, amazing, incredible little works of art, filled with texture and color goodness that words cannot describe. These beauties are so reminiscent of the ocean in every way, I am so longing to just see the ocean right now. These beads ARE the ocean. If you are not familiar with Carolyn's work, and she works in many art forms, visit her wonderful blog here and see what I am talking about.

Jewelry aside, I received some beautiful gifts today from my dear friend Dorthe! A gorgeous handmade angel she made me, my guardian angel. A pretty card and a romantic heart that are so special to me. Dorthe has given me her shoulder to lean on, which is the biggest gift of all, and many of you have done the I thank you all from the bottom of my heart...and a huge thanks and hugs to Dorthe! Visit her blog here, it is enchanting!


Sandy said...

Oh Sharon so wonderful new earrings.
Love the color.
Amazing gifts from friends. I have also so a lovely heart from Dorthe. She is a lovely friend.

Wishing you a healthy, happy, and joyous New Year! I look forward to more of your beautiful creations in 2012! xoxo

Dorthe said...

Dear Sharon,
AMAZING is the word for your jewlery, and those earrings fits exatly that word,too.
They are truly mermaid earrings,my dear friend.
You are so welcome Sharon, I`m glad you loves them., I love you.
Warm hugs, Dorthe

roc said...

oh...i am loving those earrings! beautiful! good for you to get back to creating. i know how much you love. what wonderful friends you have! god bless them and you. i hope 2012 brings you lots of wonderful blessings.

maryharding said...

Your earrings are gorgeous and delicious all at the same time. Thank you for introducing me to Carolyn's site. Her fabric work is beautiful and so original. Happy New Year!!

Esther said...

beauties Sharon!!!

Moondog said...

gorgeous beads! some of my favorite shades of blue.

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Gorgeous earrings love the colors...xox Corrine

In the Light of the Moon said...

What a beautiful pair of earrings and that COLOR...Oh mY.Hugs,Cat

Gaby Bee said...

Your earrings are fantastic!

Best wishes for a a prosperous New Year - with lots of creativity, good health and joy!

Gaby xo

Marilyn Rock said...

Sharon; your earrings are really beautiful; wonderful colors! Your gifts are wonderful and I know you will enjoy them.

Wishing you and yours a healthy and happy new year! xxoo Marilyn

Prządka said...

Hello dear Sharon,
your new earrings are really beautiful and unique! I also admire your nice gifts from your friend, Dorthe. I wish you a lots of healthy and creativity - happy new year:)

steufel said...

Oh Sharon, her beads and your amazing style are a match in heaven. Absolutly gorgeous! And I wish you happy, healthy and creaitve new year! And thanks for inspiring me throughout 2011!

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