Tuesday, February 21, 2012


SMILE-available on etsy here

Smile.....it will make you feel better!


Tuire said...

Hi Sharon! Thanks for your lovely comment :) I have not forgot you - only been lazy to leave comments, sorry!
Your jewellery are as fab as always!!!
Have a nice day!

Sandy said...

Oh wow so beautiful necklace Sharon.
Love the smile. Awesome. xoxo

stregata said...

Beautifully serene and makes me smile...

Dorthe said...

What a wonderful mask, dear Sharon- loking as if it holds all the goodnes and mildnes in the world,and oh so beautiful with the white pearls, and the stones.
One would feel safe from the worlds cruelness ,wearing this.
Warm hugs-

Diane said...


Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

The necklace is beautiful,dear Sharon.I'm smiling as I type.
Have a great week.

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

So serene a smile! xox Corrine

Digital Learning Trend said...

What a amazing cover up, special Sharon- loking as if it maintains all the goodnes and mildnes on the planet,and oh so amazing with the bright pearl jewelry, and the gems.
One would experience resistant to the sides cruelness ,wearing this.

Anonymous said...

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