Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I have been on an earring craze's almost an addiction to keep making them. Earrings are my version of lipstick, not to leave the house without them on, so we can never have enough. I love earrings that really swing, they make me feel good too....very freeing!
Thanks for stopping by, and all your comments and support.


Sandy said...

So beautiful new earrings Sharon.
Love the beads and metal. Awesome. xoxo

steufel said...

Awesome - and though I usually do not wear earrings I LOOOOVE to look at them. Especially yours:-)

roc said...

oh..those are so beautiful!

Dorthe said...

Sharon my dear, if I only had the money I could purchase them all, and those two pairs are stunning- LOVE both of them -and love the swinging earrings also and alwayes- as I love the colours used here!
Warm hugs, dear friend.

Shelby Foxwell said...

Gorgeous earrings Sharon! I have a "thing" for earrings to, I don't leave the house without them! And just in case, there's an extra pair in my car and purse.

Cindy said...

Sharon, your earrings are really beautiful. I think they really would be the only extra adornment anyone would need - they are so eye catching. I never leave home without lipstick...but I generally do go without earrings. (and I loved Shelby's comment - she's an earring addict too it seems!). Now that my hair is shorter, I'm wearing them more because now they can actually be seen! ;-)

Corrine at said...

Always evolving from your beautiful spirit. xox

hrtyty said...

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