Monday, June 4, 2012


 I wanted to share some gifts I received recently from some very special people in my life! I am always grateful for my blogging friends!  The top photo was a box of beautiful gifts sent to me by one of my best friends, Karen.  Please visit her blog, Umelecky! Karen is so multitalented, and shares so many of her crafty talents and beautiful pictures of her home and vintage goodies,  and her garden, you will fall in love! She always sends me some lovely scents! Thank you my special friend Karen! You always make me feel special!
 These photos are of a gorgeous card and tag sent to me by my dear friend Lesley from England for my birthday! Lesley is an avid card maker, and artist! Aren't these gorgeous?! And she sent me some incredible laces from France....eeee!! Thank you Lesley, you are a dear sweet friend! Lesley has a blog also, but is taking a break, so I will redirect you when she comes back!
 The collection below is a boatload of goodies from my sweet friend from B.C.....Denise! Denise has been running a fabulous atc swap on her blog, and you cannot believe how incredible she is! She makes all the return atc's herself...every month...40 to 50! And they are super! She also sent me some great atc's she made and papers and jewelry bits!!! Denise is a super kind soul, super creative, and a super artist...AND, she will make you laugh! Thank you Denise! Visit Denise's blog, Birdnuts Mixed Media to get the info on the swaps, and see her fabulous artwork of all kinds!
 Last, but not least, I have to share these awesome air plants from the etsy shop, Sea & Asters! I won a gift certificate on their FB page, and these were the two plants I picked! I am so excited because they are both growing really nicely, and they are really COOL! I love them! Visit their shop, you will love everything you see!
Thanks for visiting and sharing in all my great gifts! You are all gifts to me. 
Have a great week!


Dorthe said...

Hello sweetest Sharon, you have surely got some wonderful gifts, my dear friend. Everything worth many closer looks :-) ,
and Sharon, happy birthday tomorrow, sweetheart .I dearly hope it will be a beautiful and happy day, for you and your family.
I send you birthday love and hugs,

Karen Ann said...

Hi Sharon! Love those cards and the air plants are so cool. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Corrine at said...

Oh great gifts for the birthday girl! xox

Lenna Young Andrews said...

dear, dear Sharon, A huge birthday hug from ME 2 YOU. xoxoxox I wish you all the best - all the strength and all the joy, and all the LOVE!!!! xoxoxo lenna

Caterina Giglio said...

i really like your "poutpourri" post... so fun just to see what is going on.. x

Marilyn Rock said...

Lovely gifts; thanks for sharing them here. Also; your plants are so interesting! xxoo

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Dear Sharon,
belated Birthday wishes from me.I hope you had the most wonderful day:)You sure got some gorgeous gifts.Enjoy your treasures.

hrtyty said...

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