Monday, September 3, 2012


Three days and headache free....yay!!  So, I got a chance to make some jewelry. I have been loving these patterned beads I bought....they add a bit of texture, mystery and character. They conjure up stories in my head, but I will leave the interpretation up to you! 
 I have enjoyed my holiday weekend immensely, hope you have too.
Thanks for looking, and I wish you a great week! 


Juliette Williams said...

Sharon! Your work here is lovely!! Hope you're doing well - happy September!
xoxo Juliette

Sandy said...

Both are beautys my sweet Sharon.
The stones of the bracet are wonderful.
Love all your jewelry art.

stregata said...

Wonderful earthy colours in that bracelet! And the earrings have an ethnic vibe that is very appealing. YAY for no headaches!!!

Eila said...

Beautiful work again. The earrings are the best!

Corrine at said...

You are killing me, just too beautiful....xox

Corrine at said...

I can't believe it is gone already!!!!!xox

Dorthe said...

Sharon, dear friend-
STUNNING- legends is in such amazing colours ,and I love your choosen stones, for this bracelet.
And the blue moon earrings -such sweetnes ,too- mermaid beauty!
How happy I am for your dayes free of headache!! I pray it goes on like that!!
Smiles and xx-Dorthe

kimmie said...

I love to click on your photos and see the pieces up close. You do beautiful work. I stopped by earlier and l saw your "Tall Tales" piece. You have a meticulous attention to detail.

ba san said...

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Terri said...

Oooh, Legends is fab! I love the large gorgeous stones! And the Blue Moon earrings are beautiful as well. The beautiful colors, and textures work perfectly together!
I am so glad you had a great weekend!
Now it is almost the weekend again! Yay!

handmade mobiles colorado said...

Nothing to say more, the stones and bracelets and jewelries, are all beautiful. Love visiting your blog.


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