Sunday, October 14, 2012



 Within is a word that means a lot to me and that I like to use a lot in my artwork, even jewelry.  It is a place that I reach to for comfort, knowledge, and truth. It distinctly tells me most things I know but do not always believe, or want to. It is something that lives inside me and sets me free.
 I glued various papers, some vintage, in a layout I thought felt good, and used a purchased Renaissance woman image......gave her wings using rubber stamps.  The "within" stamp I carved myself a while ago. I really like as I stepped back how she seemed to be floating above everything. I usually look for grounding in my art, but I thinks the floating is a wonderful feeling.

        Thanks for visiting today, and have a wonderful week!


Terri said...

I am loving your journal page! One word can be very powerful..."within" is one that feels very good to me too. I just did a prayer flag with that word! Your page is so very lovely, the soft blue background, the old papers, and giving yourself wings! I even see growth and travel...hmmmmm sounds wonderful!

Sandy said...

Hi Sweetie,

This page is one of your best.
So beautiful design and work.
Love them.

Have a lovely new week my friend.

In the Light of the Moon said...

This is a beautiful page sweet Sharon!! But it was your words that really moved me and gathered me up.I really love how you connect with this word...and how wonderful that you carved the stamp!! big hugs.

Karen Ann said...

Very nice Sharon! How cool that you carved your own stamp!

Marilyn Rock said...

This is beautiful Sharon! Love your stamp!

Kathy A Delightsome Life said...

Hello Sharon, your artwork and jewelry are very lovely. I have enjoyed strolling through your blog. I am your newest follower,

kimmie said...

I totally agree about the floating feeling - and the word within is so profound. This is a beautifully feminine piece - I love it.

Joryel Vera said...

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Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Oh, I just love your journal page,Sharon. Beautiful.

Sam Saxena said...

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