Thursday, November 29, 2012


I was recently gifted some gorgeous and beautiful treasures from a very good friend of mine, Terri Heinz. Terri's blog is called Artful Affirmations, where she shares her love of creativity, tea, teacups, crafts of many different forms, and her love of life! 
Look at these gorgeous french papers, transparencies, fabrics, and collage images for me to work with. 


I am a coffee drinker by heart, but Terri is introducing me to some fine teas, and sent me this great strainer and organic loose teas. They really are divine, and you can really taste the difference with these incredible teas.   I am fond of the chamomile!

Below is a prayer flag that Terri made and sent to me. It is so beautiful and meaningful. Thank you Terri for being so kind , generous, and a truly wonderful friend!



Corrine at said...

What a lovely friend to gift you things that bri g joy to your heart. xox

Lori @ Studio Waterstone said...

What beautiful and thoughtful gifts! I, too, am a coffee drinker and have begun having a cup of tea in the afternoon rather than coffee. My supplies are half as fancy as yours, but I'm really kinda loving it!
Take care, :)

Dorthe said...

Dear Sweet Sharon,
You really recieved some fantastic and beautiful things from dear Terri.
What a great bunch of french papers,and ephemera, oh you will create wonderful and exiting pieces with all this.
And the prayer flag is a most beautiful and gorgeous piece, I love her colours,and lovely angel.
You have been blessed, and you so deserves it, my friend.
HUGS from Dorthe

Anonymous said...

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Gaby Bee said...

Wow, you received some amazing stuff. The prayer flag from Terri looks fantastic and all the french papers, transparencies and collage images are awesome. I'm curious what you do with them.

Wishing you a wonderful December.

Pink Sugar said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Marilyn Rock said...

Beautiful gifts for beautiful you! Thoughts of you always. xxoo

Laura Haviland said...

"Wow" truly lovely gifts,enjoy.I just love Terri's prayer card, stunning.I am a big fan of loose tea with cinnamon flavors,so pretty too.
Such a pleasure to visit your beautiful blog Amazing Sharon.Love Laura.xoxx Have a great week.

nancy john said...

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Anonymous said...

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