Monday, September 9, 2013


I have been lying low and taking it easy. I haven't been feeling my best, but there is only so much lying around I can do, so I am beginning to get up and get going! Here is a recent journal page I made. 


I hope you enjoy, and I thank you so much for stopping by!


Astrid Maclean said...

Absolutely stunning! Your collage work is always so beautiful! This page is amazing, they way all elements just flow together, totally LOVE it!!
Hope you feel better soon!!!

suziqu's thread works said...

Yes this does it for me again! Soooo beautiful - the way it flows and the colours that flow with it all.
You are such a talent Sharon!
Take care - it's not about the quantity that you can produce - it's more about the quality. Look after yourself!
Love and hugs,

Caterina Giglio said...

feel better lovie... your page is gorgeous..

Terri said...

Hello Dear Sharon,
I am sorry you are having a rough time of it...truly. I wish you could feel better very soon. Your journal page here is so gloriously gorgeous! Oh my! You create delicately beautiful journal pages.
Hugs of healing...

Dorthe said...

My dear Sharon,-
Oh sweet you, I`m so sad for you feeling bad ,and hope it is something soon to go away again? I alwayes gets nervous about you feeling bad !!
This piece is so stunning and I feel the warm colours and the cirkel drags me into that flower of love and passion !!
Hugs with warm arms and thoughts and love from me.

Tuire Flemming said...

So beautiful page! I also looked your previous postings about beadfest and all your gorgeous jewellery - have I said I really love your works? Yes, I have ;) but I'd like to say it again!
Hope you're feeling better!

Corrine at said...

Ouch, I hate to hear you have not been feeling well. But sometimes a beautiful spirit such as yours needs rest. Do so and emerge slowly lovely one. xox

Linda Jo said...

It's a beautiful page.... very soothing. I hope you are feeling better.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

I really enjoy this Sharon, it is so beautiful... just the right amount of color, paper and your hand. Oh, I hope you are filled with more energy now and I am glad you made this. I am sure it helped! xoxox

Bijuterii said...

Beautiful page, I love it!

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