Saturday, November 2, 2013


I recently squeezed in a piece of makes me so happy to do it! I can't really explain it, it feels like it comes straight from my soul, there is not a lot of thinking involved, most of it is very intuitive at this point, it feels very raw and emotional. I have no better words for the process, except again, it makes me feel so good. 

I NEED to do more. I am working on....(in my mind) to do other types of collage, other styles, but it hard to break old habits, so we'll see what happens! 

This is it for now

Thanks so much for dropping by , I always appreciate your comments!



Astrid Maclean said...

Oh Sharon, your collages are always so beautiful!! The fact they come through straight from your soul, shows for sure, and makes them so wonderful to look at and absorb! I very much hope you will find the time to continue.... I strongly believe that as we get older, we NEED to do what gives us happiness!For if we are happy we can pass that on to others, so it's not selfish at all. I love the colours you have used here, the map and scraps of book pages, together with the bits of gold, off set and frame that beautiful madonna just perfectly! Having said that, I adore your jewelry pieces too!!

suziqu's thread works said...

Dear Sharon I can so relate to your words as it is the same for me - in fact, there are no words!
You have created something uniquely what reflects your heart and soul and it is BEAUTIFUL!
Big warm hugs,

Karen Larko said...

What a lovely piece Sharon! I'm happy to see you blogging again. Hope you are doing well.

Terri said...

Hello Sharon,
This is wonderful! Oh my! I love love love it!
I understand the "need"...and I wish you the best with fulfillment : )

Marilyn J. Rock said...

This is a very poignant piece; it takes me right into it! Beautiful!

Dorthe said...

Dear Sharon,
The need of creating your amazing pages, truly shows your love to paint and papers ,and your fabolous way of combining those to so very beautiful results, like this.
I love them too, they have a magic way of inviting me inside ,and to make me feel a part of the story.
Much love to you, dear.
(have you seen my mails?)
Your Dorthe

Corrine at said...

I need you to do more of this, your voice comes through so clearly and then infuses every jewel you make. Tugs at my heart strings. xox

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