Wednesday, May 6, 2009


This, is the inspiration for

I bought this orchid a year and a half ago at a produce market near Philadelphia for $8.00. From the time I bought it , it was blooming and it continued to constanly produce a flower for one year before it finally didn't have any. Then it took a rest for about 3 months, and now it's back! It loves me I think and I love it! Sometimes good things happen. That's my story today!!


Judy said...

Sharon...I love orchids and have three with plans to get more. I love the fact that the blooms last forever and the colors are so amazing.

Doreen said...

Sharon: You really nailed the look, the feel and the colors of the orchid in your design. I love it!

Prairie Emporium said...

Sharon, Love the colors in your new bracelet and the orchid, I think you have a green thumb. What is the round green bead with the brown on each end? Very cool bead.

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Your orchid does love you. I think that is a great idea of copying nature. The best art work ever created hands down.!!! I live in the dessert and my tiny succulents' are blooming ...well one bloom so far, I love to garden,Julie

sharon said...

Thanks Judy, Doreen, and Debbie!!
I had fun with this.

Debbie, I bought that bead at an Innovative Bead show near me about 2 months ago. The woman had them at the same stand as Green Girl Studios. She had very few but these raku beads were gorgeous, I don't know or can't find her card. Maybe Cynthia or Andrew Thorton would know. If you inquire, let me know. I keep meaning to do it....but.. you know how it goes!

Violet said...

What beautiful jewelry! I found you from a comment you left at Something Sublime. I love the beauty you create!

Beth Anderson said...

Lovely bracelet and lovely orchid.
You said you bought the orchid at a market near Phila. Do you live close to Phila? We might be "neighbors"

Judy said...

Check my blog...I awarded you the friends award.

sharon said...

No Beth, I live in Wilkes-barre, but My best friend lives in Phoenixville, and has been a physician in that area for years, I visit her often. I wish I lived closer to that area, I really like it!! Thanks for the compliment!


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