Tuesday, September 8, 2009




Just the slight drop in temperature has me wanting to go outside and enjoy some of nature before it's over for the year. There is a calm that I usually feel around autumn, things get quieter, and the flowers that are blooming now seem to glow at dusk. I have always loved flowers, and I think I finally have found a way to use them in my work that is really appealing to me. When I made the bracelet, which also features the cutest heart charm from Chinook Designs, it instantly reminded me of the colors and light reflections in my small pond outside my back door. Now, if only I could open the door and see the Geisha walking back there too!!


Cindy said...

Your pond piece seems to have such a beautiful, serene quality to it. And the Chinook heart charm is wonderful. I love the color scheme of this bracelet.
Okay, your Geisha ATC is fabulous! Just look at that glance on her face...and I love what you did with the background. How do you do what you do....you amaze me. :-)

lilibulle said...

sharitooooo!! how can you catch the blue on this way!! Blue is YOUR color .. you know how to work with it!! rally i'm FAN!!! end the geisha..what can i say?? her hair are fabulous too!! just amazing !!
hugs my doudoudou

Terri Kahrs said...

Sharon, I'm drooling over BOTH pieces this morning! There's such a wonderful sense of zen and serenity surrounding both of these gorgeous pieces.

Your geisha is in a class of her own, My Darling! I adore the way you've cleverly incorporated your flower petals in her headdress. STUNNING work! Love & Hugs, Terri xoxo

Mellisa - Chinook Jewelry said...

What a perfect match of colors (bracelet and the geisha)! I'll blog on both your pieces tonight :)

Doreen said...

Pond bracelet is beautiful, but I must say that Geisha really WOWS me! I just love the colors and all of the design. Just great!

stregata said...

Wonderful bracelet and Pond Geisha is magnificent!! Love the atmosphere in this one!!!

TesoriTrovati said...

Big fan of that color combo Sharon. It is making an appearance on my work table as well!
I love Chinook jewelry so much....I just submitted my piece to the Vintaj Sept challenge with it...her pieces are so delicate yet strong. Beautiful ATC as well..you are really on a roll! Enjoy the day! Erin

Silver Parrot said...

Love the bracelet - my favorite colors and the Chinook heart is amazing!

sharon said...

Thank you all sooo soooo much!

Beth Anderson said...

Oh Pond Geisha - she is lovely!


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