Sunday, October 18, 2009


I had mentioned to some friends that I had a craft show to do yesterday at my daughters college, and here are some photos. Yes, that is me, in all my glory!! The show turned out really well, much better than I had anticipated. The best part of the show for me, is that I always meet wonderful people and artisans of all mediums, and it is a great social and networking event.Now, I am VERY tired, BUT, am slowly working on some new jewelry and collage pieces....never too tired for that! I am taking my time is a sloooowww Sunday.
On another really lovely note, Sanda, a sweet friend from Sanda's Hobby Blog, gave me this award, The Deborah Award. I was very touched by this, so I share that with you, and Thank you Sanda.....I am honored! The Deborah award states:"Friendship isn't about who you have known the longest, but who came and never left your side." Visit Sanda to see one of the sweetest people and some amazing mixed media work!
It was a relly great weekend overall, the show, some nice goodies in the mail, and some really nice emails that made my week!! Here's to a new week, and more sweet things!!
I would like to pass this award on to these lovely ladies, all very deserving! I share some of the same wonderful friends that Sanda I picked some new ones that some of you may not know, but should!!

Terri of

Renate of

Veronique of

LeAnn of

Lenna of

Anna Marie of


julie Haymaker thompson said...

Oh Sharon I am so happy the show went well!!!

stregata said...

Thank you for being such a friend, Sharon! It means more to me than you know! Glad to hear your show went well. You rest up, a new week ahead!

mairedodd said...

so glad the show went well... the display looks wonderful... thanks for sharing your friends!

sundownbeaddesigns said...

glad to hear the show was a success...what a wonderful quote about friendship, so true

Narrative jewelry said...

Congrats Sharon for this award, and thank you to pass it to us six. I am very proud and honored, friendship is a such difficult thing to find, and here, over the world, is a family, with sisters of blogs and of creativity.

Happy to see your show was a success, and to discover how lovely woman you are too... Thank you to share your joy with us.

Don't forget to take some rest ;-)


The Joy of Nesting said...

Congratulations little Kindred Sis!! I'm so glad to hear your show was a success on all accounts!! Especially when you get to make deposits into your "spirit" account!! :)

I have to tell you a cute story. When LW saw your picture he looked at me and said "maybe there is something to this kindred spirit/sister thing after all." When I asked why he said "well it's either that or you have sisters tucked in other places you haven't mentioned" Huh??? "Well look really short blond hair glasses and one of those content,little, I get it smiles:)" Ha I had to giggle cuz dang if he isn't right. Have you noticed how many of us who live to create have a content little I get it smile!!??

Soooo from one I get it smile to another have a lovely week cuz I look forward to seeing what you have created! :)

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Judy said...

I am so glad your show was a success. It is always so nice to see people's reactions to your work in person. Your display looks so nice! Now you will be reared up to go and create more beautiful things!

Terri Kahrs said...

This is such a fun post, Sharon! First, I'm so happy to hear that your show was a success! Your table looked fabulous, and you, My Dear, look Mahhh-ve-lous!!! LOL!

Also, thank you SO much for the lovely award! You've made my day with your kindness. It's truly appreciated.

Hope you get some time to put your feet up and relax! Hugs & Love, Terri xoxo

lilylovekin said...

Glad to hear your show was a success. Now you take it easy for the rest of the day before you have to work on Monday. Those craft shows are alot of work!

sharon said...

Wow!! You ladies rock! I never expected to come back tonight and see such a beautiful, and encouraging response!!! You have all made my day!Thank you, thank you!!

Cristi-2 If By Sea said...

Congratulations on a successful show! Never doubt yourself or your art. You are a talented lady and have alot to offer the world at large.

Have a fabulous week!

Tammy and Rob said...

So happy for you! I love hearing about successful shows ;)
It does sound like you need a little rest though, looking forward to your beautiful new creations!!

Cindy said...

oh how I wish I were would have been so much fun to see your pretty pieces in person! Glad to hear you had a much-deserved relaxing day. What an accomplishment, a successful show!

Esther said...

Wow my SH. super craft show!! your daughter can be very proud of her mummy!! congrats for the award!!

artgirly said...

Sharon, your booth looked great! Good job! It was nice to see you in the photo also ;-), nicole

Lenna Andrews said...

oh Sharon!! i am so honored. thank you. You are a very special person and i just adore seeing a photo of you, my friend! You are so cute and your show looks like it was great! congratulations : ) lenna

EraserQueen said...

Wow! What a beautiful set up! Wish I had been there, I'm sure I would have been tempted to buy something! And it's so much fun to see a photo of you! Congratulations on your award :D


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