Friday, October 30, 2009


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A little bracelet I made up recently. I feel like Autumn is winding down, although it isn't , but most of the beautiful colors are gone here.......and we are left with a lot of brown and bits of gold, and some blackness from frost hitting some very delicate things. That was the mindset behind the bracelet, and although it SOUNDS a bit depressing, and I start to feel a bit depressed in the fall, when I look at black and brown, and bits of cream and gold, I feel so warm.
I won this beautiful ATC from Terri at Pringle Hill Studio recently!! It is soooo beautiful, so richly colored and detailed, it is incredible, as well as the card it came in! Terri has been a source of constant support and friendship to me , concerning both my jewelry and art! I have met some amazing friends through this blog, and what excites me the most are the people who can relate to ALL types of art, whether they do them or not, not just their own particular niche. We can learn sooo much through the eyes and the inspiration of someone else, if we let it happen. Thank you Terri, as always, for your wonderful inspiration,encouragement and creations!! Thanks to all that visit me also....I am here because of you.
It's now 12:07 am......Happy Halloween!! Have a wicked one!!


Anonymous said...

beautiful warm colors!

stregata said...

You have captured the beautiful side of autumn - all the warm glowing colours - in this bracelet. Just lovely, Sharon!

Esther said...

renate is right!!i love this bracelet Sharito!!and the craft work is so sweet!!

Marilyn Rock said...

Sharon; your bracelet is gorgeous; love the tag with it - perfect! Yes; we were both lucky winners on Terri's Blog - congratulations!

Have a wonderful weekend! xxoo

Lenna Andrews said...

beautiful bracelet, Sharon. i love the xo charm/dangle especially. : )

Cindy said...

What a beautiful bracelet and tribute to the season. :-)
And congrats on winning the gifts from Terri...she does sound like a wonderful friend!! :-) Have a great day - hope the work day flies by fast.

Terri Kahrs said...

Oh, Sharon! What a beautiful surprise to find this sweet post. I'm blushing and filled with gratitude! How lucky am I to have you as a dear friend!!!

I, too, feel the melancholy at this time of the year. It's a seasonal "limbo" of sorts. All of the color has gone, and the world is waiting for a white coat.

LOVE your new piece. It reflects the season perfectly. With gratitude and Love, Terri xoxo

sharon said...

Thank you all warmed me up today!

Narrative jewelry said...

Beautiful bracelet Sharon, love the colors, the lovely links and the so cute xo pendant.

Congrats for the charming ATC.


Debbie / Prairie Emporium said...

Sharon, I love this bracelet, some of my favorite colors. And your extra touches with the wire, it’s great.


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