Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Hey, I finally made it back to Tea Tuesday, in an effort to fulfull my self imposed challenges of trying new things this year!
I came upon a blog yesterday, Robin and the Sage, that I completely fell in love with, and it stirred up a lot of forgotten memories of when my daughter was young. If you visit the blog you'll see I am talking about Beatrix Potter, and Briana had a few pieces of this beautiful Wedgewood china from way back when she was a wee one. So I sat digging thru newspaper wrapped pieces last night till I found the cup, and instantly there is a smile on my face and the day is magical.
I chose Bigelow Orange & Spice today, sent to me by my lovely friend Karen, and I have to say I love it! I may have to have a coffee chaser though because the tea is caffeine free!
BTW, after using the tea bag and resting it on a paper towel, you will get the most amazing color towel for your next mixed media piece!
Don't forget to join Kimmie here, and all the other T Tuesday bloggers, and thanks for visiting!
Have a beautiful day!


roc said...

omg gosh...i just LOVE bunnies! great tea cup!! i love it!

Steph said...

Happy Tea Tuesday to you, Sharon!!! I'm sure this cuppa is more than just a sip....that cup is pertty...love Peter Rabbit illustrations.....

Kathy said...

WOW! I lost that blog site with my last computer! I forgot all about Robin and the Sage. She does some really interesting things. And that cup? I have that! Great minds think alike....er....drink out of the same cup? Love Peter Rabbit. Have a wonderful day. - Kathy

karen said...

What a sweet tea cup! The little bunny inside the cup is so cute!

La Dolce Vita said...

darling post and love potter too! your tea sounds delish!

Terri Kahrs said...

You're bound to have a happy start to your day when you're drinking from that lovely Peter Rabbit cup! Beatrix Potter always puts a smile on my face! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Lenna Young Andrews said...

what a delicious post! I love Beatrix Potter, read all the wee books when I was a girl. I love Bigelow's Orange Spice tea although it's been years since I had it. Must find some! Now I am smiling too!!!! Thank you, sweet Sharon.

Robin and the Sage said...

oh that cup!!! wonderful, joyful cup.
maybe Sharon you could send your address and few notes (or a long list) what kind of tea's you would like from Finland... I have such a obsession for tea, that i want always to send a tea for a folks who live faraway from Finland.

Halle said...

Oh that mug brings back so many great memories for me. My kids had some Beatrix Potter stacking blocks when they were toddlers. They were so darn cute.
Happy Tea Tuesday!

Yvonne said...

jThat cup is so lovely with the little rabbit inside. I love Potter too, as my girls loved the stories. Thanks for visiting me and welcome to Tea on Tuesday. glad you joined us. Love your blog btw.

Kimmie said...

We still have our b.potter plates hanging in my daughter's room .... I hope she never outgrows them. I pause to look at Peter having his dose of chamomile tea evrynight as I turn out the light :)

Happy Tuesday and thank you for joining in the fun!

~*~Patty S said...

lots of tea dying going on for T Tuesday today ;)

two of our boys received Beatrix Potter cup and bowls when they were born...one has Hunka Munka on it

I have always LOVED Peter Rabbit anything AND did you know that the upcoming Chinese New Year is The Year of the Rabbit (funny because Christen's bunny mug made me think of that too)

Happy T to you sweet Sharon...off to check out your links
p.s. have you seen Renee Zellwegger as Ms Potter...totally charming...you really got me going with your wabbit!

Lesley said...

Hello my friend, it's been a while...thank you for popping into my blog and leaving a lovely message - much appreciated.
Sorry to hear you have not been so well either :(

You have been so creative while I've been away. Awesome jewellery. I saw those 'spunk' earings and thought - 'I want them...' and they're sold - c'est la vie!!

Tea Tuesday looks fun and Kimmie's blog is adorable - when I have more time I shall join in - I love my cuppa!!

I too had Beatrix Potter crockery for my boys when they were small and now Jack uses J's and loves it as much as his Dad did.

love and hugs
Lesley x

romantic decay said...

Love tge cup! Hope you had a great Tuesday.

Nathalie Thompson said...

As soon as I saw your cup, I smiled too and felt that magic. There is something about Peter Rabbit on nursery china. A very cozy tea post! Love it!

*jean* said...

ooo such a sweet cup! and your photos show it perfectly!!! just darling...happy t tuesday!

ContiZecca said...


steufel said...

Love those bunniers:-)

Marilyn Rock said...

Sharon; the tea cup is precious! I also love your journal cover below; so expressive and your bracelet is amazing! xxoo

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Sharon, I love your beautiful mug, but I have never heard of Beatrix Potter. Yep, I've always lived in the science department of life.

Thanks for your sweet comments about my plight yesterday. I appreciate them. Glad you are back with us on Tea Tuesday. And since it's now Wednesday, I'm drinking coffee with you.

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...


I'm so glad you found Robin and the Sage. Delila is a real jewel.
darling cup!

diane cook said...

You just made me smile too Sharon =)
I love how tea bags stain a paper towel...gorgeous colors depending on what spices are in the teabag!


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