Sunday, October 28, 2012


It's been a loooong week.  I wasn't feeling well this week, and that set me back a lot. I have an appt with my jewelry boutique lady next Sunday, so I have been trying to get a lot of new pieces made, but that has been slow. Today I felt pretty good, and since we went for a fall drive yesterday, and bought lots of fresh apples, it is apple pie time here!   The tool above is my all time favorite, a vintage pastry cutter that works for me like magic!

My pie crust...sloppy, but effective!

 Here is my daughters favorite kitchen helper, a ceramic pie bird we bought on one of our trips to Maine...he looks pretty happy here!

Here he looks a little less happy, but he is still singing!  Turns out the pie is pretty darn good! I am pretty darn tired, but so worth it.  Now that this is out of my system, it's time for art....hopefully some paper art soon.....but have to finish up my jewelry first! (Just so ya know, the pie is really not burnt on the edge, but rather a  very dark syrupy brown,  lighting is not the best in my kitchen, .........oh so yummy!)
                Enjoy this upcoming week, and have a piece of pie!


SummersStudio said...

I am just a wee bit envious of your pastry cutter. I grew up with one of those and have never found another. They work so so well. That pie looks fantastic. Nothing in the world like fresh apple pie. Hope you feel better this week.

Caterina Giglio said...

oh your pie looks great... hope you are ok as I write this, just wondering how it is going... take care. xo

Dorthe said...

Sharon, dear,
I wish I was equal energetic as you are, with baking and food making. It seems you often makes fantastic things in the kitchen , and this pie I would have loved tasting together with you. I hope you have a happy evening with your family, dear friend.
Hugs and xx, from Dorthe

Terri said...

Fresh apple pie, yum! Your trip to the country must have been "fruitful" lol!
The pie looks delicious. And what is the birdie for? I am guessing to let off steam? He is cute! Does he really sing? Sorry for all the questions, I have just never seen a pie bird before : )
I am so glad you were up to making the pie. Hopefully this week will be a little better.

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Dear Sharon,
the pie looks delicious.Hope you
are fine after Sandy??

Marilyn Rock said...

I can just smell that pie! Hope all is well there with you and yours. It's been a rough ride but I made it through with gusty winds and rain. No power outage. I'm very thankful and hope you are okay.


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