Thursday, November 1, 2012


 During this crazy and hectic week, I squeezed in some time to make jewelry.  I really don't know how it happens sometimes, but I manage.

This is a sneak peek at a pair of earrings that I made for a trip to the boutique that sells my jewelry. I made many other pieces, but I like these a lot, the stones are so pretty, and vintage rhinestones don't hurt!

 I also found time to make this necklace for my daughter. Why is it that the things you have to do for family always seem to be the ones on the backburner, like they can wait the longest, when they should be the first! Well, I got my act together, and here it is! Briana picked out these gorgeous stones at a recent bead show, and this is what she wanted. I am happy with the way it turned out, all warm and rustic with character. She loves it!

I wish all of you a wonderful and safe weekend, and I am always grateful for your visit!



Eila said...

I love your work and I am always happy to see them. The neclace is lovely and your daughter has good taste picking those stones:)

Here in Finland the weather is bad, rain,rain,rain and dark.

Have a wonderful weekend :)

Diamond Jewelry Online Shopping said...
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kimmie said...

I love your jewelry .... so simple and beautiful :)

life is also hectic here - and it's just revving up I'm afraid

Dorthe said...

Dear Sharon,
Briana, choosed such beautiful stones,- the colours just "burns" together like a sunrise over a field.
It is stunning,-and so are your earrings, fantastic and very beautiful and stunning stones together- and you are so right sweet- rhinestones NEVER hurts. :-)
Love them.
Hugs and love you.

Terri said...

Hello Dear Sharon,
Amazing jewelry! I am totally in love with these earrings! Like Dorthe says, "like a sunrise over a field!". Gorgeous stones! Such a fine design!
The necklace for Briana is stunning as well! She picked out some incredible stones! Your design really shows them all of beautifully!
I hope you are doing well this weekend. I will e-mail you soon : )

Marianne/skorpionen said...

You make so much gorgeous things!! Thanks for you nice comments and have a lovely weekend!

irene said...

im so glad you made the time to create these amazing pieces. i love seeing your collaged pages too.

Ravi Raj Sharma said...

Awesome jewelry! I am completely in love with these earrings! I am so grateful you created enough a chance to make these amazing items.
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Alieen Stewart said...

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Louise said...

I love the earrings in this post! Gorgeous!


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