Wednesday, March 11, 2009


this is my most recent necklace using gaea's winged heart pendant! i just love her stuff!! by now i guess you can tell that i don't do a lot of sparkly sparkly,
(even though i like to wear it sometimes ), and i like a lot of organic, earthy, and natural looking. also like off center and off kilter design. i get bored easily and constantly go back and forth between doing classic things and new and different things. the photos below will show you what i've been up to lately. keep in touch everyone!


my latest pair of earrings made with my pendants
and some wirework.
these are new faux amber(ish?) clay beads i made, i thought they turned out pretty nice.

new polymer clay pendants 3-11-09

these are the newest ones. actually, the newest ones came out of the oven about an hour ago but i have to tweek them yet!

just like sue beads, who also lives in pa., spring popped up in my yard too today!! it's sooo great to see new life! the weathermen really screwed up the forecast today and said it was going to be cold, and it turned out to be 65 degrees!! it was just awesome to actually have sun hit my body, i swear you could feel it soaking in the vitamin d!
can you tell i'm totally sick of gray?!
so anyway i went outside to take some photos of my new pieces and clay pendants. please let me know what you think, i think i might try to sell them on etsy or i would also love to do some trades. some of you have left some very nice and encouraging comments and i really appreciate it. i really like a lot of the work everyone else is doing also.


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