Monday, July 12, 2010


My good friend Lenna Andrews is hosting a postcard swap sponsored by Alphastamps, and these are my entries. They are still not done, close, but still need a bit more.
Alphastamps has a ton of fantastic products, and with the exception of the ribbons and the vintage buttons that are from my stash, everything else here is from Alphastamps. The background papers, the women, and all the different garden and botanical images. Even those brass leaves are from Alphastamps. I think I enjoyed this swap the most so far, but I still have to do an atc also for this. I got a bit more blingier than I usually do, but I fell in love with the sparkle and I almost hate to give up some of these with the beautiful buttons, but with swaps hosted by Lenna, you are garaunteed to receive amazing returns and they are from all over the world! I highly recommend Lenna's swaps if you are interested in trying it, you will not be dissapointed!
Thanks for visiting and all your support everyday, and I hope you are having a fantastic week!


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