Sunday, September 13, 2009


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This one is for moi!! Esther will be so proud of my French! hehe!! Esther of Mes Illusions dear friend and kindred spirit, sent me this gorgeous pendant in an exchange a while ago, and I knew I wanted to do something special with it, for moi!! She also sent me the musical link connectors...they are so original and gorgeous!! I have to say to all my jewelry friends that Esther blows me away . She is super talented, and her exuberance pours out into everthing she makes. She not only makes jewelry, but most of the time makes all of the components. She makes art, mixed media, pendants, resin, felt, charms, wirework, solder, waxing, and I think EVERYTHING! The little black and white tag at the top of the necklace she also is a little charm to put on my pieces for when I sell them, and my name is on the other side , which you will see in other posts this week. So all I did was add the bird's nest I made out of steel , and some turquoise rice beads, amber chips, and some home made chain. I reeeeeallly love this necklace, because it represents to me the flight of love from one friend in one country to another, the lyrical components are the sweet song of the bird, (and us gabbing through email all the time!) and the nest and the links are the building of a relationsip of two people so far away from each other, yet so close. Kisssssss Kiiiiiiiiissss Esther!! This one's for you!!


The weather was cool the past few days, and a few tiny leaves have started to fall from our birch tree in the yard. Finally, I was moved to use these lovely ceramic leaves from Erin of Every Heart Crafts. She makes the prettiest little leaves, I loved dressing them up!

available on etsy.


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