Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Yes, I will show the bad, and not always the good. I decided to show what I think is an error, or not one of my best attempts at an ATC, but an attempt. I'm hoping I can learn from this experience. Of course, when I started this, I thought I had a good idea of what I wanted this to look like, but it didn't turn out like that at all. I like everything about it except the lady, which is supposed to be the focal, but is very distracting . I would like her to stand out more, but I don't work in photoshop, I really like to paint, color, draw, the physical application of it.....the movement in my body like making a mark makes me feel good! I really like the way markers look and make things pop, but sometimes they are just too too strong and neon looking. I'm not quite sure how to do what I want to do....... Now that I'm writing this and looking at it at the same time, I'm considering replacing the woman altogether with another figure of some kind, and use her in another piece. Just writing this post is changing things for me. I have much more reading to do on techniques, but probably more importantly I just need to keep making. One thing I will not do is get rid of it. When I was in college, my early years....I hated a lot of what I made, hence, throwing it all away....and subsequent memory flashes of the past have made me regret doing that. Sometimes it's just a bad day that makes me see things in a bad way... it was not really really bad, but kinda crappy, things breaking, day job sucks, money issues, and just everyone in the house getting on each other's nerves. Sometimes, like now, just talking to all of you makes it easier to step aside, take a look from a distance, and try again to work it out.


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