Tuesday, December 15, 2009


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I call this necklace Blanket. I had in my mind an idea to try some mixed media, nothing here really earth shattering as far as technique, but I just wanted to "compose" a piece that worked all together with different elements. I cut and slightly hammered a piece of copper,and then using matte medium I applied some images and some text that appealed to me. Then I used embossing ink and just a touch of perfect pearls powder dusted over for a hint of color and iridescence. I then added some wrapped wire, a bit of sparkle with the swarovski's, and a tiny bit of fabric that just made all the difference in the world to me. I then sealed it with a light coat of matte medium. I'm not too worried if the medium changes it over time, in fact , yellow or age I would probably embrace. It feels like a blanket, wearing it and creating it, very familiar, warm, wrapped tight, and comfortable. It reminds me of the tiny little flashes of memory I so often have of sweet familiar things of youth and family. I think I have enjoyed making this more than anything so far. I feel that I am getting closer to what I feel, and the word"familiar" has struck a chord with me . Not familiar as in not experimenting or afraid to try something new. Familiar as in the essence of my being, what I am composed of. I am really hoping to do more of these soon, because there are many more familiar things to show you.


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