Tuesday, February 22, 2011


DUSK-available here

Two more pairs for the shop. Here we have what I like to call the representation of the two faces of Sharon, vintage and pretty, and the rustic Sharon, a bit of bling among the subtle beauty of silver itself. I can't live without either!

It's been another rough week, as my tooth problem led to a huge antibiotic problem, and I landed up having to get the damned thing pulled anyway. Yes, I am so so so sick of this. I have lost at least 5 teeth over the past 8 years, and the others are mainly caps, and bridges. Is it connected to the autoimmune or vice versa? No one knows. I pray for an answer.

Okay, lets talk jewelry, that's a lot nicer! Thanks for letting me vent, your kind visits, and your friendship. Look for a giveaway in a day or two...it's time to give back to all you lovely people!


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