Thursday, November 4, 2010


FINALLY had a chance to work in my journal, and put onto paper what goes through my body and mind to the best of my ability. As some of you know, it has been a very long year of trying to find a diagnosis of my health issues. It is still not resolved, as of yesterday it is like we are back at square one......still some type of autoimmune with a combination back and nerve problem. Plasmapheresis is over after 5 weeks, and the course of treatment to follow is unknown, so there are more tests. At times I am aggravated, exhausted, hopeful, doubtful, happy, sad, unsure, and it seems everyday I question myself and my beliefs. AND, at the end of everyday I still believe the same thing I did when I got up, but may have lost during the course of the day somewhere. I believe I have found the best people to help me fight this, and I believe that I am NOT crazy anymore, and I believe that this blog and each of you, along with my friends, and family, are my strength. Just visiting all of you and seeing your work and being inspired is enough. This life stuff is really getting in the way of my time to communicate and visit with all of you, and that annoys me too, so I apologize. I think of all of you a lot through my day, and that is so important to me. Just so you know.
I believe in God, and the power of faith, hope,and what I know is within me.
Thank you all for visiting, and letting me vent.


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