Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I wanted to use this post to share with you what I think is a great new blog and a fabulous idea. It is called The Barter Circle, and it is a wonderful concept come to life by the direction of Debrina, of Debrina's Altered Art Diary. Debrina is a great artist and a genius I think ! I have just stumbled upon her great blogs, looking as always for more wonderful artists to connect with and inspire each other. The Barter Circle is designed that by visiting the blog, and contacting Debrina if you are interested in bartering, that everyone that wants to barter will be put on the list. So when you are looking for something, you can visit the list and visit barterers and hopefully start bartering. I think this is a great idea because I for one and sick of spending, spending, spending, especially on art supplies. Things are so expensive these days, and so much is wasted, so why not. I think Debrina has the same idea...and it seems that we are slowly growing in numbers. So hopefully when I get my act together a bit more, maybe by the weekend , I would like to make a list on my sidebar of things I have that I would trade, and things I am looking for. Debrina and I have already found things we want from each other, and I am sure I can find others. So that's it, maybe check it out, and help someone else out, and I think this is definitely a green thing too.


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