Monday, July 20, 2009


Seems like it's the week of Summers Studio Pottery, and well it should be, LeAnn is the best! I have noticed that great minds think alike, and I have seen a few postings very recently, all featuring LeAnn's pendants! She must be a magnetic force, or all the moons are aligned correctly, or something!! I think( again!) that this is one of my favorite pieces!!! I haven't really used black too much, and when I found these vintage black czech beads at my flea market source, I new this was what I wanted for LeAnn's fabulous pendant! The button was also perfect, again, vintage. I paired it up with some of that unusual vintage amber, one of LeAnn's little green ceramic beads, hematite rounds, and some brass metal rings. I fell in love with this pendant and bought it a while ago, but just made the necklace last week while on my "staycation". It reminds me so much of royalty, and regalness, castles and moors, women with beautiful poofy gowns and headpieces.....ohhh, guess I was daydreaming a bit! It's a fairytale piece to me!! I will put it on etsy later in the week.......or not, I'm not sure yet! I'd like to be royalty for a while, if only in my own!!


I just want to say again that I really am so grateful for everyone's encouragement and support over the past few months, and you have all taken me to a place that I never imagined! Just from this giveaway I have met some great new friends that I have to add to my blog list and get to know a bit better, and that is what makes blogland so special, the diversity and uniqueness of everyone and the common ground we share of support, friendship, learning, and kindness. This is a very nurturing place. So, to get on with it....the lucky winner of my "Always Faithful" necklace is........

**********Debbie of Prairie Emporium*********

Congratulations Debbie!!! I hope it brings you good certainly brought me some!!!
Thank you again everyone for playing along!! Now it's off to work to make more money to buy more beads to make more jewelry to have another giveaway!!!


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