Sunday, September 6, 2009




I am so happy to have a holiday weekend, two days in a row off that I never have, since I work 3 Saturdays out of 4, so I am taking full advantage of this time! The art piece is a piece I created for Helga's weekly challenge at My ARTisitic Life. We were supposed to create a piece showing someone holding something. I really had a hard time with this, and I tried a different approach and really wanted to experiment with layering. I am calling it finished, and it is growing on me a little now, but I'm still unsure. It is what it is, and I feel I benefitted by trying some different techniques, and have realized just how hard this can be sometimes. It is making me feel more confident though to push on to do some pieces in a different style, so it was a good beginning for me.
The jewelry came a bit easier. I had this connector from Melissa at Chinook Designs for a long time now, but just finally decided what to do with it. I paired it up with some gorgeous pearls and faceted jade, and a pretty little Green Girl charm. The back of the charm says " think of me"., but you'll have to go over to etsy to see it!!

Happy Labor Day all!!!


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