Monday, September 30, 2013


I am diving right into the art! I could not wait one more minute, and I decided to try something new! I came across a post by Marit of Marit's Paper Worldwhere every Friday she has a Found Poetry Friday blog post.  You can link up your art with found poetry to her blog. I found this concept very interesting, so this is my first piece. She allows everyone to link up all week. Thanks for taking a peek, and now I am off to see what the others have done. It's always great to see the diversity in everyone's work!


I am back creating and hopefully blogging on a more consistent basis! The past month I have been making jewelry for a local shop and that is finally done....sold a lot, and have a little left for my etsy shop, so I will slowly be restocking. I am looking forward to making some art too....I have missed that a LOT!

I have just listed these in my shop tonight, molten lava solder earrings with labradorite drops. Gotta love those drops. 

Thanks so much for sticking by me and dropping by, I appreciate all of you and your support.


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