Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I wish I could make a necklace like this every week, that is, one that sits so well with me, and how I feel, and just feels right. The inspiration for this came from an altered book I am working on with Lenna Andrews of CreativeLenna. She is an awesome mixed media artist, and is being ever so patient as I try to create this book of mine, with the theme, of what else, birds! Thus, the necklace came to be, from that thought of birds, and their travels over water, and land, their earthy colors., and their freedom, which I think about a lot. I can spend hours watching them, and always be fascinated.
Of all the jewelry that I make, this is me, this what I am, this is the essence of my soul, right here. This is the type of jewelry I always come back to, that always feel good. I like feeling good.


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