Thursday, July 2, 2009


rings by lilibulle

Through the past few months I have met one of the sweetest people on earth, Lilibulle of France! She has been so kind to me , and has been helping me with my blog. She made the most beautiful banner for me, but of course I have screwed it up !! I gave it my best shot, and now I hope she can rescue me from this aggravating thing called a computer.....just give me some wire....PLEEEEASE!!
She also made me a stunning background, and I can't even get anything of that to appear!!

This post is not about me though, it's about Lilibulle, and I am thrilled to say she has created an American blogsite for her jewelry....and I would appreciate everyone to go there and look at her beautiful things, and follow her on her creative journey!! You will see by her style she is sooo full of energy and color and life!! She is a terrific friend. This is just some of her jewelry, and I loooove these rings, they are so much fun!!! You will not be disappointed!!
Don't forget to go to Objects and Elements to vote for your favorite clasp in the clasp challenge!!(*wink...wink*)
Voting is now open!


I tried to scan these pics for Patti over at the Joy of Nesting, and Lilibulle, my friend from France. Both of these lovely ladies have been very kind to me, great friends, and I am so glad I have gotten to know them through the blog and their art. They asked me to scan my publication pieces because they do not have access to Bead Trends magazine in their countries. I tried my best! The first necklace is titled "Always Faithful" and features some great Hill Tibe cylinders, and some fantastic Gaea beads and her Lotus pendant. The other necklace features a Green Girl charm, more Gaea beads, a beautiful piece of peruvian opal and some more wirework. It is titled "Keeper of my Heart", and I have to say I will probably keep it, it's my favorite! (For now that is!) So that's it folks!! Thanks again for all your kindness, comments and interest! There is a piece of every one of you in everything I do, and I truly believe that!


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