Wednesday, September 16, 2009


"To Have And To Hold" by Lenna Andrews


Lenna and LeAnn are two ladies I would consider to be good friends of mine. I have known LeAnn Weih, of Summers Studio, since Feb. when I started my blog, and she was kind and friendly from day one, and still is. Her work is beyond excellent, she is a master craftsman of her trade, pottery and ceramics, and she is one of the kindest, down to earth people, and most sincere people that I know. I love to buy her products, which are the round flower ceramic disks on the earrings.
Her "down to earthiness" quality really shows in everything she does. and I really feel a sort of peacefulness when I touch LeAnn's pieces, and these disks said something very "quiet" to me. Yes, I feel my way through most everything I make, and can usually feel it from others too.
Which brings me to a new friend, Lenna Andrews, that I met through Helga Stauss's weekly challenges at "My ARTistic Life". I so fell in love with Lenna's "To Have And To Hold" piece that she created, that I asked her if she would trade with me, and she graciously accepted . I know Lenna pours her feelings into her creations. I don't know her very well yet, but I certainly can Feel that she is a warm and generous soul. To me, beauty always shows in someone's creations if it is done with feeling . I strive to always do that. I sent Lenna my "Love" necklace, a beautiful exchange. Lenna's work ios so extensive, I haven't seen a fraction of everything she has done. I do see she does a lot with fabric, and I do see her pieces are beautiful. Visit Lenna and her flickr site to see a bit of her beauty!

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