Thursday, May 7, 2009


Years ago I used to paint, as in oil painting, very abstract, one day i'll see if I can post that. I painted with palette knives, rarely used a brush, and I reeeeealy enjoyed the physical part of it, scraping, dabbing, pushing, sometimes in a frenzy, brutally, like it was a release! I guess that sounds kind of frightening, but it was a rush, and in working with metal, I feel the same way. I can gouge, mar, scratch, heat and manipulate it into something that's truly mine, it's the physical part of it that is different from beading. I've been working on projects from Mary Hettmansperger's book "Wrap, Stitch, Fold and Rivet". I love doing it, and it's a nice contrast to beading, which can sometimes be repetitive to me. Deryn Mentock has a challenge on her blog to participate in the projects in this book. It's very worthwhile, even if metal is not totally your thing, because it improves your skill level and I think it improves your mindset! Just a different way of looking at things. I can already see projects that I will do in the future that will incorporate both beading and metal. Deryn's blog is one of the most informative, thoughtful and inspirational that I have seen. The word beautiful somehow doesn't do her work justice, it's beyond that, and you can feel her sincerity and commitment in each piece she creates. I will also say she is one of the kindest people out there. Even if her style is not yours, by visiting her blog you can surely take something with you when you leave that will enrich your life. I like to think we are all trying to enrich each other in our own little way!


In my attempt to try to work through some of my color issues, I created this for the ABS challenge. I know, I looks to me a lot like a Lorelei design! But hey, who can help it, she's super sweet, super influential, and a super great designer!! Well, I still don't know if I like it all that much, I really have a hard time working with vibrant colors, it's out of my comfort zone! So this was also my own personal challenge. I fell in love with these vintage glass beads when I found them at a flea market, and pictures cannot do the focal lampwork pendant justice, the colors inside are incredible!! It's a handblown piece by Tari Zarka of PA. I hand forged the clasp myself, gotta get that wire in there, that made me feel a little better! If any of you can share an opinion or suggestion, I'd really appreciate it.


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