Monday, July 8, 2013


          As you can tell by the title I am having a very hard time keeping up with my blog.  I am not sure why, I guess, once again I have way too many things on my plate and I cannot do them all no matter how much I tell this huge head of mine I can! I have been working on a lot of jewelry, and enjoying it immensely, and my art has taken the back burner, and I miss it immensely, and I am back to trying to find the balance, and around we go again.
         When I work on a piece like this I silently tell myself the story until it is finished, and I work it out like a piece of art.  This is a new piece in my etsy shop, the gorgeous pendant made by the incredible porcelain artist Barbara Rog. It instantly carries my mind to another time and space. I love metal, I love beads, I love jewelry, I love art, I love blogging, I love my blogging and art friends, I love so much stuff...and Its all good and great and I am glad I have such problems!!
       Thanks again for stopping by and I hope to be a better supporter of your blogs too!


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