Saturday, May 1, 2010


The weather is helping me feel "pinkier" lately, but I never stray far from my toned down color palette, and that comforting word I treasure so much....FAITH. It has been a difficult week here, multiple teeth problems, even as I type this the painkillers are in full force. I have struggled all my life with continual dental issues, this is nothing new, but is has gotten me down more than a few times, and I find myself growing very tired and depressed. Combined with some problems from a car accident last summer, it is becoming increasingly hard to stay positive. When I don't feel good it is hard to concrentrate....I take a few days off to give myself room, and then I start again, mostly because I sooooo look forward to talking and exchanging ideas with all of you. So, when , or if you get down, what helps you to bounce back....I would like to hear, and possibly discover some new techniques. In any case, I will continue to keep the faith.
Thank you again for visiting.


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