Thursday, March 14, 2013


Yesterday I was inspired to finally pick up on creating a journal that I actually stated 2+ years ago, when i signed up for an online class by the wonderful artist Kelly Kilmer!  I have admired Kelly's style, techniques, and her blog for a loooong time. I am curious if anyone else does this, say, starts a class and doesn't finsih it for some reason, then longs to do it, but just doesn't , until finally you push and MAKE yourself try, and then you wonder, WHY did I procrastinate for so long?  It never ceases to amaze me! 
Well, I find this process very different, and a bit scary, but that's why it is fun, and I feel I NEED to try new things, I crave to know new things. I am not sure of how this came out, I am fairly happy with it, but, well, I have to get used to unchartered territory.  Writing in a journal is new to me, and I want to try to get past that phobia of not writing, so with this one I let it fly! 
I think if you visit Kelly's blog here, you  will see she posts everyday, always sharing tips and techniques, and although I only ever signed up for one class, she shares of a wealth of info in her classes.

Thanks for visiting today, and as always, your wonderful comments!


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