Sunday, July 13, 2014


I am plugging along nicely at the sketchbookery class, fooling around with watercolors and drawing, and starting to loosen up more and more. I must admit, I was not liking my odd little pieces, but they are starting to grow on me, these quirky looking distorted images, and I think I like them! Here they are.....

This is my poor little orchid the I transplanted just 2 weeks ago after being in the same tiny pot for at least 4 years....send love and light please that she makes it, she is struggling as you can clearly see! But I enjoyed painting her!
This is a begonia flower I stole off of my plant outside. I love these flowers. I like the old jade plate I put the flower on. I had a fun time with it. Like I said, it's quirky, but I am liking it.  Oh, notice the red blob on the upper right side edge of the plate. I thought I was doing just fabulously and then I accidentally brushed my page with the red. Nothing like making a major blunder to bring you back to reality! And to keep it loose!

I want to go back and add more lettering and or color to these, but haven't had time to practice the lettering part yet, and haven't allowed myself to get to that point of looseness yet! 

  It's coming though!

Thanks for dropping by!

Friday, July 4, 2014


I am taking Mary Ann Moss's online class called Sketchbookery! I am loving it! It is my effort to try to get back to my roots of 30+ years ago of sketching all the time in college and drawing. I'd like to be in the habit of being able to pick up a pencil or pen and draw without inhibition, without self judgement, just draw for the sake of drawing and be able to do that in effort to get better at it but most of all to ENJOY IT! I think I am on my way! Art school never taught me this! Mary Ann is! 
    I am going to share some pretty funny stuff....Blind contour drawing. Haven't done that in 30+ years either! It's very freeing, very funny, a great learning experience. So here they are, drawings I have done without looking at the paper at all, just the subject matter, never lifting the pen either! I plan to do more! I laughed a was good!
BTW, I have no idea why the paper looks pink, I usually don't have that problem with my photos, so I apologize for that, it is white of course!

Okay, I am sure you can recognize these....I hope!

 This, in case you are wondering, are a bunch of micron pens in a rubberband.

A pair of small craft scissors, not too bad I guess, but I saved the best for last....

  Our long haired dachsund,  Iggy,  sleeping, unknowingly aware that I am doing such unjustice to him...poor guy!

Well, shows over, but there will be more, and thanks for visiting and your support guys! Check out Mary Ann's class, I think it's pretty cool!


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