Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I almost forgot, a few weeks ago Lorelei and i did a trade...I picked this bracelet from her stash and requested an art bead in exchange for my Love Flies necklace , which she kindly shared with all of you on her blog. OOPS!, i forgot to post my prize, so here it is. Actually i've been wearing it to work a lot!....I just loooove it to death!! Sometimes my mind just fails me...UGH... i hate when that happens! i really do appreciate her trade, i got a beautiful bracelet with Heather Wynn beads that i think are extraordinary, a Nancy...Round Rabbit piece, and a fabulous design combination by Lorelei! What could be better!! She also sent me two beads from Tari at Creative Impressions in Clay. They are beautiful also, very organic and natural looking! Thanks again Lorelei!


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