Sunday, August 14, 2011


sneak peaks of my work

this is what I put in the box

this is what I took out

Some time ago I signed up for LaWendula's Collage Box project. It is a project that she loves to organize where the participants take 12 pcs (or more) of paper or items out of the box, and then replace the 12 or more pieces from their own stash. The box travels around the country and the world. You are asked to show a creation you made with the items you chose. Today I am showing a sneek peek of what I made, Tues. or Wed. I will show the finished product. I had the most wonderful time doing this, and it gave me great joy to share my things with others, and gave me such a wonderful feeling of unity , warmth, kindness, and friendship to accept items from others from all over the world. It is just enough to know that art unites us and brings us together. I have made some wonderful friends from blogging and brilliant ideas like these from other artists. Two and a half years ago I would have never dreamed of such a thing, now, it is at the very core of my existence. Visit LaWendula's blog here, and learn all about this unique individuals life , incredible artisity and creativity and the collage box . You can also sign up for her monthly paper swaps, another project not to be missed! Thank you so much FM!

Stop back tomorrow to see my creation! Thanks for visiting!


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