Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I made this bracelet recently as a representation of my faith, and what is important to me.
Yes, I BELIEVE in miracles.
The fish for me, and in Christianity, represents those who walk by faith, and not by sight. The briolette next to it represents the beautiful water, and the cleansing of souls. The beautiful shell comes from the water, and the other beads are made by friends who represent my path in life, LeAnn of Summers Studio made the large blue bead, and the green polymer clay bead came from my dear friend Esther Ramos.
For the past few months, thinking about my illness, and trying to keep everything in perspective, I see myself keep turning to my faith more and more as a source of strength. I don't usually share all of my thought process as to how I construct a piece, but this is pretty close. Each one always have significant meaning to it's parts, I don't share that often. But I am getting closer to showing you the real me.


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