Wednesday, October 12, 2011


For the first time in months I was moved to create a journal spread. No foo foo involved, paints, inks, and various other sticky stuff, just glue and paper and the need to follow my emotion quickly. I am struggling this year like never before with heavy thoughts and I am feeling restless. I feel a need to tell my story but not so literally so as everyone has to listen. This quick (ish) gluing is helping me tell my story rather quietly, but effectively enough to help me feel a bit better. I liked the way this turned out, and am still restraining to pull out a marker or something!
On another note, I am 9 followers away from 500, and when I reach that number I will have a generous giveaway! Everyone has been so generous to me.
Thanks for taking a peek, and happy rest of the week! Hugs to all!


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